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New in 2012 was consultancy with horsescotland helping them decide on what was in their best interests with regards a number of their web systems.
The re-evaluation of Umbraco - a lot of time spent on Version 5 only to be thrown out. Fortunately Umbraco have taken all the goodness of v5 and moved it into v6 and its proving to be a great product.
i-ramsys grew some more with forecasting modules and a new data capture service was launched in the form of the Sale Marketing Tool - thanks to ODS Automotive.

Sage CRM Web Service Connection

For all Mountain Training award schemes you need to be a member of a Mountaineering Council. The Mountaineering Councils of the UK and Ireland include:

Once you have council membership you can then create an account on our Candidate Management System and Register for our award schemes.

Detailed information for all of the awards within Mountain Training can be found below.

The British Mountaineering Council (BMC)


The new website content management system built by blahdeblah required a connection service to the Mountaineering Council for Scotland (MCoS).

Kbuilt built the connection with Sage CRM to provide details of membership, status and renewal to automate this process via web services.

This service made use of the eware.dll.